Relationships and Account Management

The world of consulting is changing profoundly. The model developed by the big consulting firms of the 20th century is going through a significant change. Their pyramidal organisation—with junior consultants doing the bulk of the work—is increasingly under threat: companies are less willing to pay high prices for copy-paste work performed by inexperienced junior consultants , however brilliant they may be.

The era of copy-paste consulting is largely over. Consulting firms designed powerful systems, models and grids to help companies optimize their processes and cut their costs. However, companies expect customized consulting services instead. They demand experienced experts and creative advice.

We have a virtual bench model where all our consultancies are of high quality and there is absolute clarity on which areas they excel. This means –

  • There is escalation and a supporting team for the client to speak to.
  • Rates are aligned to the skills required.
  • There aren’t middle men who take a cut without adding value.
  • The vast majority of our people are ex big 4 … they are the same people!

We think it’s different so let’s talk about it.