What We Do

Training Consultancies to Creatively Collaborate by curating and delivering bespoke programs leveraging vast advisory experience

Strategy and Planning

Operations Management

Relationships and Account Management

Organisation’s have always needed to address the dynamics within which they operate, particularly current issues such as low cost competition, economic sustainability and social development. However, business leaders are also experiencing a profound crisis of confidence. The core of many accepted ways of working are being questioned and the traditional approach to “management” is found wanting.

We believe Leaders are looking to find a way of making sense of a future of unprecedented uncertainties, complexity and change to establish truly effective ways of problem solving and decision making.   Creative Collaboration is an effective approach for problem solving and decision making in today’s world

We are a core team of 3 individuals with over 100 years combined experience in Leadership roles in “Big 4” Consulting and Industry Businesses. We have combined our different skills, knowledge and experience, leveraging our network of academic thinking to develop a new way of working – Creative Collaboration, an approach that complements and enhances existing skills, behaviors and techniques.

Creative Collaboration is the combination of different modes of thinking from multiple disciplines that produces unexpected and fruitful results. It employs predictable and repeatable processes complemented by imagination. It simultaneously embraces more serendipitous, ad-hoc and adaptive approaches. It leverages the inherent power of creativity that has been increasingly suppressed through traditional education and corporate life   We help organisations recapture their natural creativity and collaboration skills to prepare themselves for a future of unprecedented uncertainty and complexity.