There are two fundamental roles that Business Leaders must play if they are to be the Transformation Agents their organisations need.



To help you keep up with the latest business ideas & trends we provide an innovative forum to discuss and debate important issues designed to bring leaders together to SHARE ideas and SHIFT their performance. The sessions offer a combination of creative brainstorming, accelerated learning, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen business and personal skills.


There are many critical levels of leadership within an organisation from leading oneself to leading the organisation – each one with a significant need for adapting leadership and managerial skills.

Each level requires a different and successive facet of leadership competence to be achieved.

Each transition within the leadership hierarchy requires new skills and capabilities to be developed, as well as others to be de-prioritized and left behind. It is therefore important to understand, facilitate and accelerate the transition being made within the broader landscape of change management and organisation development.

Our ‘Leadership Collaboratory’ is a premier talent and leadership network, created to enable leaders to LOOK at thing things from a different perspective and LEARN rapidly.

Our goal is to make the workplace more positive and productive.



Successful organisations continually recognize the ever-increasing importance of effective Supply Chain Management to Corporate success. They also recognize that their supply chains need to continuously improve and evolve. They consistently cite complexity and visibility as their main concern, both internally between critical processes and between partners leading to soaring inventories, long lead times, high operating costs and low customer satisfaction. They understand the need to go at it ‘HAMMER AND TONGS’.

Three principal business drivers need to continuously inform your thinking to improve performance and address complexity; 1. the relentless pressure to Reduce Costs, 2. the endless pursuit of New Opportunities and 3. the need for Continuous Innovation to fuel growth.

We have global supply chain insight, experience and an approach combining leading Operational thinking with Design Thinking and Lean Management which can be leveraged with your knowledge to develop effective solutions to the fundamental challenges in your supply chain: Costs, Time, Complexity, Capacity and Regulatory & Fiscal Considerations.


A company’s most important asset isn’t raw materials, transportation systems, or political influence. It’s creative capital—simply put, the output of creative thinking – the ideas that can be turned into valuable products and services whilst increasing operational efficiency, improving quality, and raising productivity of its people.

Despite many insights and advances, most businesses have been unable to pull the notions of creativity together into a coherent management framework that actually makes a difference. Most still pursue creativity, if they pursue it at all, for the sake of creativity.

Our experience shows that the ability to harness the creative talent of your people is driven by the premise that creative capital is not just a collection of individuals’ ideas, but a product of interaction and collaboration. Creative capital is not just the result of a well-managed process, it is thinking in terms of a balance between ‘art and science’. It is a combination of your creative instincts with good old fashioned hard work and pragmatism.

Success will be defined by your ability to rapidly create and implement powerful ideas and strategies, to realise the talent of your people, to accelerate the process of solving an array of problems and to learn the simplest lesson of all; how sheer hard graft can pay off.

However, that’s not our only focus, we can support you across three core activities of your transformation agenda; selection, leadership and delivery.

We know how consultancies work and how to get best value from them. We can help select the best consultancy support to deliver your projects. This needn’t mean selecting a sole consultancy, it could just as easily be about bringing together the best combination of consultancies to achieve your desired outcome.

We don’t just leave it there. We stay with you during your transformation journey, ensuring that the consulting support you need is optimised throughout.

With our major project experience, we can provide technical expertise throughout the process. We are confident in what we know and we always deliver to the highest quality.