Curating the right combinations

What we do

Supply Chain Management

Successful organisations continually recognize the ever-increasing importance of effective Supply Chain Management to Corporate success. They also recognize that their supply chains need to continuously improve and evolve. They consistently cite complexity and visibility as their main concern, both internally between critical processes and between partners leading to soaring inventories, long lead times, high operating costs and low customer satisfaction.

Three principal business drivers need to continuously inform your thinking to improve performance and address complexity;

  1. the relentless pressure to Reduce Costs,
  2. the endless pursuit of customer excellence
  3. the need for Continuous Innovation to fuel growth.

We have a successful track record in delivering results across all the facets of the supply chain utilising the latest enabling concepts and technologies as well the established techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, Value Chain Analysis etc..

We bring the right combination of supply chain thinking, expertise and experience to enable your success

Creative Collaboration

Being your most productive is the challenge no individual or organisation can ignore. Numerous studies and research all conclude that sustainable success will only be achieved by people and organisations who continually operate at their most productive.

To help you be your most productive, we apply a combination that is built upon a new and effective way of utilizing  the latest globally acknowledged management concepts of Design Thinking, Organisational Learning and Creative Thinking, with leading visualisation and knowledge sharing digital technology.

Applying this combination creates the most productive:

  • Workshops, Meetings and Teams creates a bias to action and results. It drives a cross-disciplinary learning-by-doing approach biased toward doing and making rather than thinking and meeting.
  • Transformation and Change programmes compresses the time to value creation. It brings together differing viewpoints, accelerating breakthrough insights and solutions. It helps to foster a culture that embraces questioning, challenge resulting in rapid, planning, doing, reviewing and action whilst celebrating creativity, team working and visual sense-making.

and to enable the most productive:

  • Decision making Integrates imagination with business thinking. It supports you to cope with inadequate information and multiple unknowns in the process of discovering and creating a coherent and sustainable decision out of messy problems framed in a way to inspire others.
  • Problem solving Embraces experimentation, it is a way to think and learn. It is disruptive and provocative by nature and promotes new ways of seeing, often through new lenses. The framing of complex and ambiguous issues requires thinking approaches that are free from organisational dogmas, codified limitations and old assumptions.

Transformation Management

The ability to simultaneously understand the business environment and your operational constraints and combine these into a timely change or transformation is critical.

Organisations often don’t have the internal resource to effect change and seek external support with variable results. Many executives are now wary of ‘plug and play’ and  ’land and expand’ approaches.

You require someone who will collaborate with you, share your agenda and constructively challenge you to make things happen.

You need someone to:

Create clarity around the objectives, business case and programme blueprint. Anticipate risks and identify how you will address them. Build a high-performing team and agree how they will work together.

Match resource with the needs of the project. Make it sustainable with clear role definitions and competencies. Combine external support on an ‘as required’ basis to make effective use of expertise and experience.

Review progress;  make sure lessons are learned, revise plans; continuously energise. Learn from successes and failures of past programmes. Achieve deadlines whilst addressing new challenges rapidly.